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Sigung Claro Austria

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Sigung Claro Austria
Ch'uan-fa Instructors Name: Professor Terry Faircloth
System: FCM Ch'uan-fa Kajukenbo

BIO: Claro Austria is a 6th Degree Black Belt under Sifu Terry Faircloth of the Faircloth’s Method of Kajukenbo . He’s been training in the Martial Arts for over twenty-eight years. He started studying with Sifu Faircloth in 1985, and he became the second student to be awarded a black belt. Soon after his promotion in 1988, he began teaching at a local health club in Federal Way, Washington. A year later, he became a full-time assistant teacher to Sifu Faircloth at the Academy of Martial Arts and later to the Progressive Fighting Arts. When he was a teen, he was Sifu’s Faircloth’s number one student in competition and was one of the top competitors in the Kata & Weapons Division in the Northwest Regional Karate/Kung-fu Tournaments. His students were also some of the top competitors in the Junior Kata and Kumite Division in the region.

After graduating from the University of Washington in 1995, he moved to Toyama Prefecture, Japan and taught English and began his study of Aikido. He received a Black Belt from Ryuiji Sakamoto Sensei, a young Shihan, teaching Aikido at a small town in Kosugi.  He has since dedicated thirteen years of his life studying Aikido from some of the finest teachers in the art.  Currently, he is training with Dan Harden to develop his Aiki & Internal Power skills. He also has experience in Wrestling, Arnis, Karate, Aikijujitsu and has trained with such greats as GM Al Dacascos and GM Eric Lee in Wun Hop Kuen Do.  Claro currently lives and teaches in New York City and has been given the responsibility of advancing and promoting students in Professor Faircloth’s Kajukenbo Family Tree. He can be contacted at