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Grand Master Ken Lambert
Grand Master Ken Lambert
Salt Lake City
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Grand Master Ken Lambert     

WHKDBoard Member Tia-land, WHKD

Honor, Pride, Loyalty

Compassion, Respect, Knowledge,

Physical, Metaphysical, Philosophical GM Ken Lambert Martial Arts Biography

Ken Lambert began training in martial arts in 1965 under Sifu Steve Fox, a first generation black belt of Sijo Ed Parker, founder of the USA Kenpo Karate Association. Ken earned his brown belt in Kenpo while teaching for Tracy’s Karate School until 1969 when he moved to Colorado, USA to study KAJUKENBO self defense under Sifu Al Dacascos. Sifu Lambert was part of the original group of students and teachers who helped Sifu Al create and develop the newest style in the KAJUKENBO system, “Won Hop Kuen Do (WHKD)” which was recognized by the IKA in 1972. Ken has trained and competed in hundreds of tournaments on five continents, and has won over 300 trophies during his 45+ years of competition. He has twice been ranked in USA “Top 10” for his fighting, and is a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Sifu Lamberts last major tournament win was as “Free Style Fighting” Grand Champion in the Aloha Martial Arts Exposition, one of KAJUKENPO most important tournaments, in Kauai, Hawaii in 2005, taking top honors from more than 200 black belts competing from around the world. Ken has studied other martial arts in addition to WHKD including, Shotokan karate, jujitsu, boxing and Muay Thai. Sifu Lambert currently lives and trains in Bangkok, Thailand