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Grand Master Dan Baker
Grand Master
San Marcos
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Grand Master Dan Baker
Kajukenbo Grand Master KSDS
Instructor: SGM Tony Lasit

KOA President 2007 to 2011 Grand Master Daniel (Dann) Baker On the 15th of June 2006, Dann was promoted to Grand Master by his instructor Sr. Grand Master Tony Lasit and Sijo Adriano D. Emperado (62). Born December 21, 1947 Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, Belcourt, North Dakota. One half Native American (Chippewa) United States Air Force (Combat Photographer) 1966-1970. Completed Bachelor and Master Degrees from Southwest Texas State University. Doctorate work at The University of Texas. Taught two years of Public School Taught and coached the past 33 years at Southwest Texas State University/Texas State Martial Arts training started in 1957 with Tae Kwon Do, under Master John Yan Young. After five years changed styles to Goju-ryu until entering the service in 1966. With a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Goju-ryu, a friend introduced Dann to Sgt. Tony Lasit and the Art of Kajukenbo. For the next 43 years with the respect and admiration for his instructor (GM Lasit), Dann continued to train in Kajukenbo. There was a period of separation between him and instructor Sgt.Lasit, but this enabled him to meet Grand Masters; Richard Peralta and Don Nahoolewa, who introduced him to Sijo Adriano D. Emperado. Since 1988 until today Dann has been a member of KSDI and had the honor and privilege to work with many great Kajukenbo martial artists In the competitive side, Dann was an outstanding athlete through his elementary, high school and college career. He excelled in boxing during elementary. Was all state in football, wrestling and track while attending high school. In college he was undefeated in wrestling. State Collegiate wrestling champion and voted the Outstanding Collegiate Wrestler in Texas. In the military he was World Wide Air Force Wrestling Champion in freestyle and greco-roman. All service Wrestling Champion in greco-roman. In judo he won 48 matches and lost only two. Was ranked number one in forms and fighting (Karate) for two years in Texas. Retired from competition in his late 30's and came out of retirement in his 40's. Won the United States Karate championships twelve times in forms, self-defense, breaking and fighting. Won his first Sport Karate (NBL) world title at the age of 48 in Traditional Self-Defense. Went on to win thirteen more World Titles in his 50's. Only competitor to win Creative Breaking more than once (Three times). Coached Southwest Texas State University to 17 consecutive years (State Collegiate Karate Champions). Coached the University Judo Team to State Collegiate Judo Champions. Coached the University Wrestling Team to seven State Collegiate Wrestling Championship Titles. Coached and taught "All Americans" in Judo. Coached and taught 16 U.S. Champions in Karate (Forms and Fighting). Coached and taught 15 World Champions in forms, breaking, traditional, self-defense, choreograph self-defense, weapons and fighting. In the National Coached and competed onBlack League (Sport Karate International), Coached and competed "The Neal Adams Firefighters" Nation Karate Team (Two time World Champions). Coached and competed on "Team USA" for eight years. Won the Distinguished Alumnus Award in Exercise Sport Science at Southwest Texas State University. Who's Who among American Teachers in College and Universities. National Champions (10K relay Team-1981) Corporate Cup National Championships-Stanford University. Boston Marathon qualifier (5 times) time 2 hours 36 minutes 23 seconds