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Grand Master Mike Sandos
GM Mike Sandos WHKD
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Miscellaneous Information:

Grand Master Michael Sandos                                              
President / Chairman Wun Hop Kuen Do WHKDIA
Chairman and Co- Founder of KOA Kajukenbo Ohana.
Chairman and Co- Founder of KOA Sifu Society.
Founder of Seniors Ohaha
Inducted MASTERS HALL OF FAME AUG 2009 Martial Arts
SOKE Council of Grand Masters 2015
Seniors Ohaha
The Kajukenbo Sifu Society protectors of the Ohana
Kajukenbo Original System, Tum-Pai, Ch'uan-Fa, Wun Hop Kuen Do, Dacascos Tactical Systems, Dacascos Gung-Fu, Kung-Fu

 JKA, Judo, Karate, Gung-fu, Kung-fu, many martial arts and many systems, American Boxing Association, American Wrestling league, National and International Greco Roman Wresting Federation. Kajukenbo, Tum-Pai, Ch’uan-fa, The Chinese Physical Culture Society, Wun Hop Kuen Do.
Many Masters Hall of Fame, Soke Council of Grand Masters Hall of Fame, United Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, KOA Kajukenbo Ohana Association Masters Hall of Fame, Founder Seniors Ohaha Combative Kung-Fu and Gung-Fu, The Sifu Society Protectors of Kajukenbo.
Michael S. Sandos in the Martial Arts over 55 years Trained in every aspect of fighting and war, US Naval Veteran, Vietnam disabled Vet, UDT Seal Team, Survival expert, World champion Sky-Diver world team, National champion Para-glider, Hang gliding champion, Pilot and Aircraft A&P license, Survival expert NWSA member. Life & Rescue, National Ski patrol, Champion ski and rescue. Author of 7 Financial Books, Author Children’s book: You, Me and Uncle Mike. Author: Seniors Gung-Fu / Seniors Ohaha. Seniors Ohaha is an ancient Chinese art of breathing and living combined with low impact Tai Chi Kung Fu exercise. Seniors Ohaha is designed to help not only Seniors, but people of all ages and with a variety of ailments like heart, cancer, our soldiers that are returning with PTSD. By learning to breathe correctly a person can create a controlled state of mind and conquer the challenges in their lives. Invented and designed, patent holder of the Nylon Velcro locking wallets (Bear Body Inc.) Patent Holder and inventor of the Cordura Nylon tool pouches) Bear Wear Inc, Financial Professional and Registered Investment Advisor, Certified instructor and Educator of Financial Education systems. Husband and Proud father of 6 wonderful children and 10 wonderful grand children, The survival of life is the proven success of time on Earth. What you leave behind and or done while you were here is proof of your enjoyment of that time spent. How you leave the world is up to you! Personally I would like to leave it better than I found it, and with traces of me in its path. The Martial Art’s is your opportunity to be the best at everything. So be the best at Martial Arts give back to your arts with more than you found it…