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Grand Master Dasos Efstathiadis
Grand Master Dasos Efstathiadis
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Grand Master Dasos Efstathiadis
Sifu Dasos Efstathiadis
Instructor: SGM Al Dacascos

Grand Master Dasos Efstathiadis - also known as "The Greek" - was born on October 15, 1960 in Greece. In 1972, he came to Germany, where his parents have already been living for quite some time.In his youth, his father was an enthusiastic boxer and wanted his son to practice a similar sport. Inspired by his father's idea Sifu Dasos Efstathiadis started with Karate at the sports school Nippon in 1973. He was taught by Gerd Lemmens and his wife Vera Lemmens. Simultaneously, he began his training in Judo teached by Herbert Kranz and Peter Pohl. In 1975, he had contact with the man, who greatly influenced his life. The name of this man was Professor Al Dacascos. He fulfilled the high standards that Sifu Dasos Efstathiadis demanded of the various styles in martial arts.Professor Al Dacascos was very quick and agile, and he had many different skills: e.g. street-fighting, weapons, fight. After having trained with Professor Al Dacascos a couple of times, Sifu Dasos Efstathiadis discovered his talent in Wun Hop Kuen Do, and thus he had only one goal: to learn this style of fighting. Sifu Dasos took the term Kung Fu very seriously, for only with staying power and hard work, and agility he succeeded to be one of the best students of Professor Al Dacascos. This success resonated in the team's winning of the title at the European Championships in Paris in 1976. In 1978, Professor Al Dacascos thought about the full-contact 'scene' in Germany. He knew of the persistence and talent of Sifu Dasos, therefore he began to teach him how to improve some of the techniques, and prepared him to change to full-contact. Accordingly, Sifu Dasos was the first full contact student in WHKD and one of the first full-contact fighters in Germany. For obvious reasons, Sifu Dasos took over the management of the "A-Team" in January 1996, and this hasn't changed until now. The "A-Team" is a team of pupils, who are the best fighters in WHKD-Germany. They are teaching by Sifu Dasos Efstathiadis and they have won many nationals and internationals in single fighting and team-fighting. Sifu Dasos passes on to his pupils the experiences that he has made over the years around the world and he contains a high level of techniques. In 1979, after a six hours exam (the Black Belt test), Sifu Dasos gained the first Dan. He continued his career and proved his versatility, his agility and spontaneity in all the different categories by participating at the International Holland Championships with seven starts and occupying one of the top places in the following categories: 2x Fight 1x Weapons 1x Hard Forms 1x Soft Forms 1x 'Breaking' test 1x Grand-champion German champion - several times European champion - several times Four times World Championships-winner, and U.S champion He gained more than 250 victories at various national and international competitions and championships - amongst others the European Championships,the German- and International Championships.From 1980 until 1982 he did his military service in Greece (in the army, he was also an instructor). His victories continued after his military service in 1982, when he returned to Germany. In 1984, Sifu Dasos flew to the United States, and he had three good reasons to celebrate: firstly, his success in the second Dan exam, secondly his "Sifu" title. Finally, his successes at the competition: he occupied one of the first places in the categories 'Forms' and 'Fight'. In 1987 one of his biggest wishes became reality: he opened his own school in Wedel. In May 1992 he passed the third exam for the Master Grade, and since May 1996 he is one of the few holders of the fourth Master Grade.Since June 2001,Sifu Dasos Efstathiadis is holder of the 5th. degree black belt.And since 2007 May 26th, he is one of the few blackbelts in the world who is holding the 6th degree black belt! Since more than 32 years, Sifu Dasos has practiced the Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung-Fu - Over 20 years at the Academy of Kung Fu and physical Fitness in Wendel.There, he still continues his active competition and career. Due to his extensive physical and mental training, some of his pupils could gain first places at European as well as World Championships.With the beginning of 2012, Sigung Dasos was honored in the festive WHKD-Ceremony that title "Professor" and has also received the 8th degree black belt! This it is the World highest title expected outside the United States. Despite of this unique honor, Prof. Dasos is still active in his own school Academy of Kung Fu and Fitness and leads every day his students continue to excel.