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Grand Master Christian Wulf
Grand Master Christian-Wulf
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Grand Master Christian-Wulf
WUN HOP KUEN DO and KOA world leaders of Mixed Martial Arts
Instructors: SGM Al Dacascos

Sifu Christian Wulf was born on September 18, 1959 in Hamburg/Germany. 1964, at the age of five, he started with Judo, as a student of Herbert Kranz in the Sports school “Nippon Hamburg”. There, he was brought up to different ways of fighting and could subsequently gain his first material arts victories. In 1974, Sifu Christian Wulf changed to Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu and began his training as one of the first students under Grandmaster Al Dacascos. In addition to this training with GM Dacascos, there was the intensive, formative training under Master Malia Bernal (Dacascos). He was the first male pupil to get such a special formation, which enabled him to participate at the competitions in the U.S. (1977-1987). The first competitive success Sifu Christian Wulf could gain was at the international Kung Fu tournament in Paris/France in 1976. Together with the legendary "Nippon Team", he won the German 'DKU' Karate-Team Championships” in the senior class, which took place in Rüsselheim on November 5, 1977. In the same year, he won many other titles. That year was one of the most important years for him, for Sifu Christian traveled for his first time to the United States and participated - as one of the first German W.H.K.D. fighters - at the competitions in Seaside, Oregon, and Long Beach, California. If one looks for the foundation of his future career at American championships, it certainly has to be sought there (1977-??). Via the qualifications of the Hamburg, North German as well as German Championships, Sifu Christian Wulf - holder of the Brown Belt - won in division pointfighting first place in the European Championships of W.A.K.O. in 1978, which took place in Wolfsburg/Germany. Sifu Christian Wulf was the first successful Kung Fu fighter who was admitted to the National Team of the Kickboxing Organization W.A.K.O. by Georg Brückner and Mike Anderson (1978-1982). After intensive preparation he returned to America in 1978 to participate at the International Long Beach Championships from Ed Parker. These championships are one of the most important tournaments at this time, counting approximately 2000 competitors. Sifu Christian gained the first place in the categories of 'Form' and 'Weapons', as well as the third place with a fight-team. After his return from this three months voyage he was rewarded with 16 more prizes. In the summer of 1979, he was appointed the Black Belt. That year was one of the most successful years for him; for the first time, a European could win the first place in the 'Chinese division' at the International Championships in Long Beach/USA. Amongst others, he beat the previous three times winner Anthony Chan/ WuShu. 1980 besides many other tournament victories he took in second time first place in pointfighting at the official WAKO European Championship in London/England. In 1982, Sifu Christian Wulf gained the fifth place on the world-champion ranking list in the category of 'Form and Weapons' (Karate Yearbook). During the years in the USA, Sifu Christian Wulf defeated such famous martial art figures as George Chung, John Chung, Cynthia Rothrock, Ernie Reyes and many more. In 1982, Sifu Christian Wulf traveled to Taipei/ Taiwan in order to gain more experiences. His teachers were Sifu Muo-Hui Shen, who taught him the “Black Panther Style”, and Sifu Kao, who taught him the Praying Mantis. In 1984, the second Black Belt, along with the title of "SIFU", was conferred to Sifu Christian Wulf. That year, he opened his first WHKD Kung Fu Academy in Hamburg/ Barmbek. There, he passes his knowledge on to his pupils, who are eager to learn from his experiences. In 1986, Sifu Christian began his training under WuShu Master Wu Meiling in Konstanz. There, he trained not only the North Shaolin Wu Shu but also the fighting style called the Southern Fist. During a training-voyage to South China in 1989, he was honored to be admitted to the Wu family. Sifu Christian Wulf gained further experiences under Master Sui Qingbo in Hamburg, who practices the Inner styles and the Tang Lang Kung Fu. In 1992, he was awarded with the third Black Belt, and three years later, in 1995, the fourth Black Belt was conferred to him. 1998 Sifu Christian Wulf opened up his second WHKD Kung Fu Academy in Hamburg/Sasel along with his close BB student Charles Chafri and helped his Poland students to build up a strong “WHKD Organization” in Gdansk/Poland. In 2000 a great honor were bestowed upon Sifu Christian Wulf. He was awarded with a "Certificate of Honor" by the Northern "Tai Chi Tum Pai Kung Fu Association" - represented by Si-Gung Jorn Loren - for his contributions to martial arts in the styles of Kajukenbo and Wun Hop Kuen Do. In the year 2004, Sifu Christian Wulf took first place at the official WKA / IAKSA World Championships in Basel/Switzerland. 2007 he recieved his six`s Black Belt from Prof. A.Dacascos, GM Al Dela Cruz and GM Mike Young. 2010 Sifu Christian Wulf received his BB in Kajukenbo/WHKD and the official title” SIGUNG”. Apart from managing his two WHKD Academies, Sigung Christian Wulf is member of many years in the committee of the “German WHKD Association” with over 3000 German WHKD students and the coach and member of the famous “Dacascos Kung Fu Showteam" wich took first place in Beijing/China January 2007. Until 2011 Sigung Christian Wulf builds up 30 own black belts 1. & 2. generation and created many national and international champions in Form and Fighting. With the experiences that he has made over the years in the diverse styles of Kung Fu, Sigung Christian Wulf tries not only to enlarge his knowledge about martial arts, but also to provide the WHKD with new ideas.