Sigung Bruno Rebelo
Sigung Bruno Rebelo
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Sigung Bruno Rebelo
7th degree Black Belt Kajukenbo 
 7th Duan Kajukenbo Gaylord´s Method

Instructors Name: Grandmaster Charles Gaylord RIP, Under ICKKF Kajukenbo BOA - GM Al Dacascos, GM Gabriel Vargas, GM Robert New, GM José Ortega, GM Hemes and others System: Kajukenbo BIO: Started martial Arts at 5 years old, training Judo, Karate,Tae Kwon-Do, Kara-Ho Kempo, Kosho Ryu, Chinese Kempo, and Kajukenbo. Started martial arts with judo at 5 years old, also trained also KarateShotokan, Wado Ryu Karate, Savate, Jujitsu, Hapkido, Tae Kwon-Do, Kajukenbo,Gung Fu, Karaho Kempo and Chinese Kempo. Holds Ranks in:Chinese Kempo 7th DegreeKajukenbo Gaylord´s Method 7th DegreeJujitsu - 1st DegreeTae Kwon-Do - 1st degreeInstructor level in Gung Fu.Competed extensively from 1999 to 2012, making over 200 podiums, including25 World Titles in All Styles Championships, Karate World Champion and 6 KempoWorld Champion.Holds studies in Sociology and ports Sciences with a PhD, and haves ben teacherin Pupilos do Exército Military school, Government Schools, Private Schoolsetc..Today is the Director of the International Chinese Kempo Karate FederationWorldwide and the Head Instructor for the Lohan Tao Ohana. Has 2 academies andalong with his wife 2 beauty salons in Portugal also.Is work as an Instructor and competitor give the opportunity of sharing knowledgeall over the world, having visited over 30 countries, although it doesn’taccept all as students, some have received that right, and today the Lohan TaoOhana extends from Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, Slovakia, Turkey,Andorra, Pakistan, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Argentina with over 400 schools. Hope this is as you requested Aloha and Mahalo Bruno Promoted by Grandmaster Charles Gaylord on July 2009 to 7th Degree in Gaylord´s Method Kajukenbo. Member of the Lohan Tao Ohana