Sigung Peter Charo
Palm Desert
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Miscellaneous Information:

Sigung Peter Charos
Kajukenbo 7th Degree Black Belt Wun Hop Kuen Do

Instructors: GM Phillip Gelinas, GM Eric Lee, Sijo Emperado, Sigung Leonard Endrizzi 
 35 years in Martial Arts children, Jerryn, age 22 and Krystian,age 18) I first started training in the martial arts at the age of 13 (1974), the art was Kajukenbo (Chuan Fa) in Montréal Quebec Canada. I was always inspired from reading and watching films surrounding the arts and I finally found a school, after searching for months, one that I would be happy with. I trained for 5 years, 3 to five times a week (sometimes everyday). Our school closed down sometime in 1979 because our instructor Alexander Z. Polintan ( Philipino ) AKA Kaido, decided not to teach anymore. He was a phenomenal martial artist. Later we all gathered at youth centers, parks and garages to continue our training. I always trained with GM Phillip Gelinas. He was one of Kaido’s top students. A champion in all aspects, from forms to fighting. GM Phillip Gelinas always brought the most out of all of us. He is a phenomenal martial artist. A true teacher and leader in the martial arts world. He taught me not just Kajukenbo ( Chuan Fa ) but FMA and many more. In the early 1980’s I was introduced to the late Leonard Endrizzi. A Wun Hop Kuen Do Black Belt under Al Dacascos. He introduced to us the Wun Hop Kuen Do system which enhanced our Chuan Fa. GM Phillip Gelinas brought Sijo Emparado to Montreal many times. I participated and helped teach with Sijo and I finally earned my 1st degree Black Belt in 1984. I was very fortunate to have Sijo, GM Gelinas, Leonard Endrizzi and Kaido honor me my belt. Most brutal exam I have ever taken. I do not think any other martial art has exams like ours. I actually met Sijo for the first time in 1975/76. He came for a tournament we sponsored and also honored me with my green belt. In 1986 I decided to move to California. I wanted to continue my training and I asked Leonard if he can possibly help me in contacting Sifu (Grand Master) Eric Lee. Leonard was glad to help. He wrote Sifu Eric a letter of introduction and when I arrived to California Sifu Eric took me under his wing. I was so honored to be training and in the presence of Sifu Eric, that at times was hard to believe. Living in California brought me to associate with great Martial Artist, and to this day, I am still excited from all the people that I was introduced to in the martial arts world. After training with Sifu Eric I achieved a 1st degree in Wun Hup Kuen Do. In 1989 I was called to San Diego for seminars and training. Sijo was living there with GM Vince Black and I participated in all seminars. Later that year, Sijo tested me again for my 2nd degree in Kajukenbo. I was happy and excited that I passed. Life took its toll and I started a family. Work was a major issue with two young boys along side of me. I was always involved with the martial arts but raising my children was a priority. As my children got older, in the late 90’s I started a full time commitment to training again. I entered and won tournaments and continued my relationship with Sifu Eric. As years went by, I started training again with old time fellow students and learning new material. GM Keith Straughter helped me with Jujitsu and of course traveling to Canada I always connected with GM Gelinas In 2007 I received my 3rd degree in Wun Hop kuen Do and in 2008 I received my 6th degree in Kajukenbo. The year of 2010 I was honored with my 5th degree in WHKD. I have always been an athlete. I have participated in all sports but my passion is for the sport of Hockey. Born and raised in Canada, I guess it’s in my blood. I am still playing to this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view';document.getElementById('cloaka994bd5f36e1a5b9512a5aafeabb9116').innerHTML += ''+addy_texta994bd5f36e1a5b9512a5aafeabb9116+'<\/a>';