Sigung Claude Lawson
Sigung Claude Lawson
Miscellaneous Information:

Sigung Claude Lawson System: Kajukembo BIO: I started Martial arts in Florida at the age of 5 in Shorin-ryu. My Father was military, so every few yrs I trained in a new art. While my father was stationed in Thailand my mother and I started taking Shorin ryu at Mcdill AFB. We moved to Germany when I was 7 or 8 and I started taking Isshin ryu. After moving to Minnesota, I got into 5 animal Kung fu and Tae kwon do with a few friends that were Brown and Black belts. Then I started formally studying Chung Moo Quan. Loved the training but at that age of 14 - 15 I wanted to go try it out, so some days I would skip class and go test it out. We moved to San Antonio when I was 16 and I started taking Tae Kwon do again, Tang Soo Do and Chinese Kempo, I just kept bouncing from one instructor to another, did a lot of sparring during this time...Got in a few fights. This was around 1986 or 1987. In 1989 I enlisted in the Military and was stationed in Abilene TX (Dyess AFB). On 2 Dec 1993 I started taking Kajukembo/Kick Boxing & Boxing under then Sibok James Cox. My first taste of Brazilian jiu-jitsu started in 1994. I received my Black Belt in Kajukembo, 1 March 1997. April 1997 I was relocated to Turkey "Incirlik AB" I started teaching a class there and began practicing Combat Hapkido, a little ninjitsu and of course more BJJ. I left there in June 1998 to Travis AFB California and started a class at the fitness center. I was promoted to Black Belt 2nd Degree, Dec 1998. I started taking Gracie Jiu-jitsu at Cesar Gracie’s it was a 45 minute drive but well worth it I trained there a little under 2yrs and while there I had the opportunity to train with a young purple belt named David Terrell, I was tapping Blue belts at about six months into training thanks to him and a few others. I developed a Hand-to-Hand combat course for the Security Forces(Ravens) teams called “Highimpact CQC” (close-quarter-combat) and received letters from my Commander and SFS Commander thanking me for training his people. I was promoted to 3rd Degree (Sifu) September of ! 2000. I started taking Muay Thai from a local instructor on base and running a small grappling class right after my own class. I noticed that David had received his Black Belt in jiu-jitsu so I called and congratulated him. He offered me an opportunity to train with him at his new school. His class was all no gi and I trained there for 2yrs and started a grappling club on base and had Dave teach a seminar at the gym. I met a JKD/Kajukenbo guy and a Combat Sambo instructor at Travis AFB and had an opportunity to train with them both. I signed up for a Shoot wrestling seminar in Fairfield CA, and had an opportunity to roll with one of the instructors, we rolled to a stand still which I was very proud of. In 2003 I took a trip to Abilene with my 2 black Belts and taught knife techniques and pressure point techniques. That year I started training in the original Hard style Kajukenbo with GM Joe Davis and Serene. He taught me the entire system in 1yr. GM Davis even came to my garage dojo and taught Grab arts. I was promoted to 4th degree Black Belt 19 Sep 2004. In 2005 I became an Air Force Recruiter and moved to Phoenix, AZ and began training more Krav Maga, Pekiti Tirsi and kept up my training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. On 5 Aug 2006 I was promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt in Kajukembo. I received my Blue Belt in Jiu-jitsu in 2008. During 2008 I began to refine my boxing more for the street than conventional (Ring) boxing. In 2011 I was promoted Purple Belt in BJJ and to 6th degree in Kajukembo. [, safari 534.51]