Sigung Norman A. Gante
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Miscellaneous Information:

Sigung Norman A. Gante 7th degree Instructors Name: Sigung Bobby Rimando System: Kajukenbo BIO: Oringinally from the Island of Kauai, from the Plantation town of Pakala.
I started studying Kajukenbo during the summer of '75 under now GM Jaime Basquez and his Black Belts Sifu Michael Niau & Sifu Glen Alqueza at the Hanapepe Quansun Huts then after high school.
I went to Honolu Community College and studied under now Professor Romy Castillo around '78-'80 time frame on and off then again from '85-'86. Military service although temperarily put my Kajukenbo
ranking on the shelf it's foundation help me in other Arts such as Tang Soo Do under Connie Green & Leslie Musington,Shorin Ryu under Ulysis Aquino, Goju Ryu under Enrique Tuazon, Kuntaw Ng Philippines
under Carlitos Lanada, Tae Kwon Do under Ron Joseph. Casual training/sharing with Sifu Bobby Long, Sensei Ron Nix, & now GM Daniel Frazier when stationed overseas,and Aikido/Escrima under Sensei/
Guru Eric Cruz. My martial arts was then put on the shelf for good as I neared 50 years old, then I met up with Sifu Dennis DeVera who introduced me to Sigung Bobby Rimando and I back into having that
passion again. As I turn 53 it is with hopes that I will continue the Legacy. To God Be The Glory!